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This afternoon, I re-assembled the printer. The differences are the Budasnozzle, and the stepper motors with their flats and pulleys.The Budasnozzle’s attachment really makes it easy to attach. Full marks for the designer.

My only problem with getting the printer running was that the hot-end was not warming up. A quick going-over with the multimeter showed a bad connection in going to the nozzle, which was quickly fixed up.

To print, I thought that I’d try the shot glass again, to give me a good idea of the differences between the old set up and new.

As you can see from the photos, the backlash is all but gone. The aluminium pulleys really make a massive difference here.

As I can see it, there’s three problems now.

Problem 1. Flat side on the print.

Solution 1. I suspect that the wires going to the hot-end are too tight (the Budasnozzle’s lines are shorter than the Arcol’s). Check tightness, and loosen off if necessary.

Problem 2. Extra shell around the outside of the print.

Solution 2. Turn retraction back on.

Problem 3. Base not quite filled in enough.

Solution 3. Infill feed rate

Hopefully, those problems should have the prints looking good.

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