Still more parts

Still more parts this week, but one of them I can actually do something with!

PCB Heat bed from Reprap source

Aluminium pulleys. These are supposed to give a better quality of print, by having less slop and backlash. A pretty cheap printer upgrade.

A wand-type temperature probe for my (forthcoming) temperature gun.

Hobbed bolt from

And finally, and most importantly, the hot end! For my hot end, I decided to go for one from Arcol. It looks like a great design. Things I like about it:
  • A super-short heated zone. From what I’ve seen during my research, the Arcol hot-end probably has the shortest heated zone of any hot end. This should greatly reduced extruder force.
  • A removable and exchangable nozzle in 0.5mm and 0.35mm sizes.
  • An excellent support structure. Unlike most nozzles, it has a fully triangulated structure. This should reduce the movement of the nozzle head during printing, resulting in more accurate prints.

The best thing is that this is the first part that I can actually do something with! I can start assembling it right away.