Visual Illusion

In Julian’s blog, he talked about one of his recent designs – a piece that was designed to answer a challenge on the Thingiverse blog.

He noted that he hadn’t printed it out yet, so I thought that I’d have a go this afternoon, see just how well it turned out. I downloaded the piece from Thingiverse, and printed it out.

The printing went quite well:

Trying to take a decent video showing the illusion was by far the hardest part of this mini-project. This was my best attempt, which I think did the trick. Unfortunately, these balls were a bit big for the job.

1 thought on “Visual Illusion

  1. Julianh72

    Very cool, David – thanks for turning my creation into reality! (My own RepRap is out of action for a while after I blew out my hot end.)

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