I was printing out the 3D-knot as a bit of a demonstration / vanity piece. However, when the print was at 77%, I accidentally disconnected the USB cable!

Unfortunately, the cable I have at the moment isn’t long enough to reach my printer, so I use a USB-extension cable which is a bit prone to coming apart.

It was looking really good, with only a little bit of lifting up at one corner.

 I noticed that a few of my recent pieces have had this lift-up issue. To combat it, I’ve made the following changes:

  • Add in a few extra shells on first layer only.
  • Drop down the nozzle so its a bit closer to the bed (0.13 to 0.18mm)
  • Reduce the ‘Additional height (ratio)’ in ‘bottom’ tab to 0.3
  • Give the bed a really good clean. There were a few grease marks causing the filament to stick badly, which would then start off the lift-off.

That’s really helped on the last couple of earbud holders I’ve printed out. I’ve also figured out how to take some really nice videos:

Okay, I’m really going to have a good look at SD card printing now.