One of the most amazing things about the Reprap project is that the printers can print out their own repair parts and upgrades. Today, my printer joined that club when I installed the linear bearing upgrades that the printer had printed off itself.

The installation process went fairly easily, with the main hassle trying to line up the Y-axis bearings with each other. The best way to achieve this was by only screwing in one of the two screws in each mount, leaving the mount free to orientate itself along the smooth rod.

It was a little bit noisy at first, being metal-on-metal, but a bit of lithium grease on the rods quickly fixed that up.

Main things to work on now:

  • Ooze settings.
  • Solid infill, particularly on ‘top’ layers.
  • SD card printing
  • Investigate the ‘Marlin’ firmware (as per this thread)