Axes Alive!

I finished wiring up the axes yesterday, so I thought I’d plug everything in and give it a test run. Just about everything worked first go!

All the endstops worked, and all the axes travelled, with the sole exception of the Y-axis, which travelled in the wrong direction. After flipping the connector around that axes was working correctly, too.

I noticed that the axes were running into their stops at the non-endstop end. I figured that the maximum travel distances were incorrect. So I measured them up accurately, then went into the firmware and made the following changes:

const int X_MAX_LENGTH = 170;
const int Y_MAX_LENGTH = 170;
const int Z_MAX_LENGTH = 88;

after which the printer then would correctly stop at these limits. I recorded a short video of the printer homing:

Once this test was done, I wired in the extruder and gave it a test, which was successful as well. I didn’t bother measuring the steps / mm for this extruder, since I’ll be changing it next week for a Greg’s Hinged Accessible Extruder.

There’s not much else I can do on the printing front until I can get the extruder and hot end sorted out, so I’ll have a look at the heated bed, try and get it set up as well.