Now that the hardware’s finished, it’s time to wire up the electronics. One annoying thing about my stepper motors is that they only have short wiring, which doesn’t allow them to reach all the way to the electronics from every location. I’ll have to extend a few wires, which will be annoying.

Z-motors connected together

First motor connected up
I tried putting the electronics in various locations, but it turned out that the bottom-left corner had the best combination of tidiness and short cable runs.

On a lean

I zip-tied the electronics to the frame, to stop them from wandering. Unfortunately, it’s on a bit of a lean.  Once the printer’s up and running, I’ll print up a tidier box to put the electronics in.

The endstops were then screwed on, and attached to the electronics as well. I just need to extend the wires for the extruder and the z-motor, hook them up, and then I’ll be all finished!