Easier Starting of Pronterface

Starting Pronterface from the command line gets old pretty quickly. Ordinarily, I’m a big fan of of the command line, and usually use it several times a week, but using it just to start up a graphical program is not ideal.
To make it easier, I wrote a little micro-script in TextWrangler (my favorite Mac text editor) that looks like this:
# This little script starts pronterface
python /Users/david/Documents/Reprap/Printrun/pronterface.py 
Then saved the text file (creatively called ‘Start Pronterface’) to the Reprap directory. I then open up the file information dialog (command – I) and changed the ‘open with’ section so that the file opens in Terminal, like so:
File Information Dialog
Once that option has been set, a simple double-click will open up the script in Terminal, which will then start the Pronterface program.